Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well Indian winters bring plethora of f…

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Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well 😊

Indian winters bring plethora of fresh vegetables which are a delight to cook with. One of my favourite is this ” Mixed Vegetable curry ” 👆 cooked in onion, tomato and cashew gravy! Loaded with all seasonal vegetables,it
goes well with parathas, phulkas or pooris 😋 Ofcourse, a good raita and salad on the side complete the meal!

Sharing the recipe of this Mix- Veg below for all those who wish to try!

🌿Wash and chop veggies of your choice. I used cauliflower, peas, bell- peppers, carrots, french beans and potatoes. In a wok, take a little oil/ ghee and add 3 chopped tomatoes, 1 big onion, 6-7 cashews, few garlic pods and green chillies. Cook all of them till they are slightly mushy. Switch off the flame,let it cool and then grind everything into a smooth puree . Now, add this grinded masala in the wok and add salt, turmeric powder, corriander powder and chilli powder. Add your chopped veggies in it. Add little water to adjust the consistency. Cover and let the veggies cook in this masala for some time. When they are half done, add little garam masala, kitchen king masala and mix it well. Again cover and cook till they are soft and tender. Now add kasturi methi and lots of fresh corriander leaves.Serve it hot 😊
Few pointers 🌿 Adjust the spices as per your taste. 🌿You can separately shallow fry your veggies as well. I skipped doing it because lots of oil get consumed in this process and I feel the taste is really good when veggies are slowly cooked along with the gravy!

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