Hello insta! Saturday breakfast done right with this “red and yellow chilla” Co…

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Hello insta!

Saturday breakfast done right with this “red and yellow chilla”😊 Courtesy title – My sunshine 😎

Wholesome, filling, vegan, gluten free and little A’s favorite breakfast. Eversince she started school she looks forward to the weekends because a) she can sleep till late 😜b) I promise her to offer her favorites ( has to be home made though 😝) Weekdays are full of morning rush that she skips her breakfast 😒

These are green moong daal chilka ( split green lentil) and oats chilla! The yellow color is from the plain daal and red color is from beetroot puree.


Soak 1cup green moong daal overnight. In the morning, wash it thoroughly to remove its green cover ( this is little time consuming task,you can also use yellow moong daal directly but taste will be different hence I prefer using green moong daal chilka for my chillas) Grind the daal along with 1/4 cup oats. Add salt, finely chopped corriander, green chilli (avoid for kids) and chaat masala. Spread the batter on hot tawa using oil/ghee and cook on both sides to get crispy chillas. If you want to make them soft avoid adding oats.
For the beetroot or red chillas add beetroot puree to the batter and repeat the process 😊
Serve it with ketchup and mint corriander chutney or any other dip of your choice 😊

Have a Happy weekend 🤗

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