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✔️Weekend Task Done -HOME MADE GHEE

The aroma of ghee tadka in Dal, the sound of sizzling hot paratha and ghee roasted dosa, the flavor from Indian sweets laden with ghee, stir – frying or sauteing veggies in ghee is truly heavenly. Isn’t it?

Making ghee at home is thereupatic . I collect malai/ cream from the milk and store it in the freezer for about 10 – 15 days and then make a fresh batch everytime. Made it last night , if you saw my story yesterday I posted all the steps. The entire process takes about 45 min.

Sharing a very easy process below if you wish to try❤️

🌿 Collect your malai / cream from the milk for about a week or 15days. The amount will depend on the kind of milk that you use. (I use cow milk from countrydelightnatural .Store it in the freezer.
🌿 When you plan to make ghee, keep the cream at room temperature for about 1-2 hours. Make sure it is cold, but sans any ice.
🌿 Churn the cream using electric beater or grinder. Keep on adding a 1tsp of cold water in small intervals of 5-10 seconds so that you are able to churn it properly. After few minutes butter will start floating on top. Keep on churning till all butter comes out.
🌿 Separate the butter from the liquid, popularly called ” buttermilk” . Also, press the butter with your fingers to expell any leftover buttermilk.
🌿You can use this buttermilk in your cooking or just consume it as it is!
🌿 Heat the churned butter in a wok at a low flame. It will start melting and after 15-20 min of slow cooking ghee will star appearing on the top alongwith milk solids known as “Khoya” will appear.
🌿 Filter the ghee and store it in a dry container.

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