When my younger daughter was born, someone commented it’s not easy to raise two …

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When my younger daughter was born, someone commented it’s not easy to raise two daughters.
Baffled by the statement, with a tear in my heart and while dealing with my own postpartum harmones I chose to remain silent to protect my own energy and sanity. Time has flown and my little one is turning One next month, but I haven’t been able to forget those words. Read an article on female infanticide yesterday and was overwhelmed by the same emotions again.

Me and my husband were over the moon when we held our second angel in our hands,and she has only made our life more colourful.She is all we prayed for, the naughty sibling to our elder one and a second child we so love.

But what I fail to understand is the obsession of male babies over female babies in India (the sole reason we don’t get to celebrate gender reveal parties here 😕)

The article brought out a very depressing data that India’s obsession with male child will lead to 6.8 million fewer female births by 2030 due to sex selective abortions. And no this is not only limited to illiterate strata of our country, but the educated depraved ones too, who still have this obsession rooted deep into their patriarchial genes.
This obsession is not new, and it runs so deep that we hardly feel there is anything wrong about it. Who makes son an asset and daughter a liability? Who gave the fundamental right to parents to seek all the help from a son and not from a daughter? What does a guy posses that one pays exorbitant amount to marry your daughter ? What does your daughter lack that you must ‘bribe’someone to marry her? Thankfully, the legal laws treat both of them equal. But when will our regressive mindset change? Hopefully soon, well “hopefully”

Dear Parents

Children are your biggest assets. Wheather it’s a boy or girl, invest in them. Raise them to be confident and capable. Raise them to be kind and empathetic. Raise them to be feerless and resilient. Boy or girl, give them equal opportunities to learn and flourish. As a parent and young generation we have a lot of responsibility to create that right balance. Forget about bigger issues !

(To be continued in comments)

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